Sin of Omniscience #1 Sample

Summer Is Fully Upon Us!

So, first off, we've been getting some great press on Sin of Omniscience #2. Check out this great article from ComicRelated's Horror Comic Roundup! Here's a quick bite, for those interested:

This is good! And the art is really pretty! But waiting until Fall 2014 to read more? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Enthusiasm is awesome! Moving on...

Limited Immunity Returns

Don't forget, Limited immunity will be back on regular updates this Friday, July 4th. We don't take the day off when it comes to great comics, so while you're drinking plenty of beer and/or eating tons of hot dogs and hamburgers, make sure to check in with your favorite military veteran/monster hunter!

The news you've been waiting for...

Sin of Omniscience #3 is well on its way to being completed. We're building this in a very agile way so that the book gets out faster. The script is being finalized now, but as it is the first half of the pages are already roughed, and the very first page is already fully colored!

We're hoping to be selling the book in person for the very first time at Rose City Comic Con (Sep 20-21, 2014), and on our site around the same time. Sign up for our newsletter to get free exclusive content, over on our news page.

Last But Not Least

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