Sin of Omniscience #1 Sample

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

Thanksgiving is a day with confusing origins, and honestly the meaning has changed so much over the years it's completely irrelevant. The basic meaning has become what's important: family. You may love them and support them, but they don't always make your life easier.

Sometimes you don't get to choose your family, sometimes you do. Thanks for making us a part of your family, we couldn't be happier about it, and we hope we make your life a little better by reading the stories we create, even when they don't seem like the happiest tales. They are real and they capture what it means to be a family.

So in light of this, let's celebrate! We've created a goofy little mini-game you can play right here in your browser by clicking the button below.

Shoot Some Turkey!

Holidays are about celebrating, so have a great time and be happy. Everyone here at Odd19 hopes you can spend some quality time with your family, and if not, take some time to think about the people that got us where we are today, even if they're not related to you in a legal sense.

Happy Thanksgiving!